Are your water pipes making strange noises?

Water flowing through pipes can sometimes cause strange noises. Water pipes that bang, hammer or squeal are not only a nuisance; they could also suggest you have a serious plumbing issue.

The sound of banging pipes is not something anyone wants to hear and you may wonder what is making those pipes so noisy! Some common reasons for noisy pipes are listed below.

Water Hammers
Water hammers occur when water is suddenly forced to change direction. This is common when you use several appliances requiring a lot of water at the same time. This can cause pipes to vibrate and make screeching or banging noises – none of which will fill you with confidence! Other reasons are listed here:

  • Inadequately secured pipework
  • Ball and float valves.
  • Washing machines and Dishwasher.
  • Worn stop valves.

Loose Water Pipes
If your pipes are not secured, they can move around when water flowing through them causing these plumbing issues. Creaking sounds appear with the stretching and shrinking of copper water pipes that carry hot water.

High Water Pressure
Too much water running at the same time can create high pressure and cause pipes to vibrate and in turn results in further plumbing damage such as breaks or leakage.

If you have noisy pipes and live in the Hereford area, please get in touch with our friendly team of plumbers today!