PAT Testing

For a comprehensive PAT Testing service by qualified electricians in Hereford, Ledbury, Leominster and locally.

SES provide the in-service inspection and testing of appliances, as recommended by statutory regulation, which requires the regular up-keep of electrical goods. As a premier electrical contractor in the region, we undertake the testing of portable appliances for many commercial, industrial and local authorities every year.

Why do I need PAT Testing?

PAT (Portable Electrical Appliance) Testing is an important part of any good maintenance routine and should be conducted on electrical goods where staff are using equipment, where there is access by the public or where a service is provided to customers. If you run a B&B, a garage or a launderette, PAT Testing by an electrician ensures the safe working condition of all your electrical appliances.

SES PAT Testing is quick and cost effective

Because our team of electricians are experienced in the inspection and testing of electrical appliances and equipment, we are adept at meeting your needs with minimum disruption and fast, all of which means we offer value for money too.

Flexible PAT Testing by a trusted electrical contractor

The best PAT Testing regime for you depends on the kind of equipment you use and the environment it is used in. Stickers can be used as a visible record for users, or a log book can be kept instead. If you aren’t sure what kind of PAT Test you need, or how often you should be testing, get in touch with SES for advice.

Can I get an electrician to do PAT Testing at home?

Although there is no health and safety obligation for you to have your domestic appliances tested at home, a PAT Test carried out by our team will give you ultimate peace of mind that your gadgets are safe and functioning well. We offer reassurance to all our customers in Hereford, Ledbury, Leominster and even further afield.

Items       Cost
Under 10  £50 + VAT includes attendance to site and first 10 items
Over 10  £1.30 + VAT per item thereafter

*All PAT Testing comes complete with full equipment register